"The purpose of this organization shall be to teach and improve rugby skills, to promote team spirit through competitive games with other rugby clubs, to provide athletic conditioning and promoting a sportsman-like manner on and off the field, in the Outaouais Region."

Club Team Awards

2017 Awards
2016 Awards

Senior Men
Rookies of the Year: Nickesh Madha
                               & Drew Clark-Dawes
Most Improved Forward: Fabio Sanchez
Most Improved Back: Nick Pinkerton
Most Dedicated Player: Dillon Mallory
Captains Mug: Tate Walker

Senior Women
Rookie of the Year: Brigitte Sauve
Most Improved Player: Valerie Hins
Most Valuable Player: Paulina Karwowski

Senior Men
Rookies of the Year: 
Most Improved Player:

Most Valuable Player: Fabio Moniz

Senior Women
Rookie of the Year: Marissa Docherty
Most Improved Player: Ayden Jodoin
Most Valuable Player: Ashley Lausas
Coach's Award: Alana Hennessy

Junior Awards
U18 Women MVP: Ambroisine Peries
U18 Men MVP: Ali Ahmed

Major Club Awards

2017 Awards
2018 Awards

Join our club and you could be an award winner!
The three major club awards are a new tradition to commemorate the key people of our club that keep it running (and/or that give us a laugh). 

Club Supporter of the Year: Eric Lefebvre

Club Person of the Year: Dillon Mallory
                                      and Parisa Rostami

Bozo of the Year: Julia Berube